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Inexperience Is The Leading Cause Of Over 1 MILLION Teen Driver Crashes Every Year
"Since 2006 Rookie Driver Has Provided The #1 Most Recognized New Driver Signs In All 50 States"
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I just ordered your Rookie Driver in Training Magnets, and I would say it is an exciting product. I have a 16 year old who recently got her learner's permit and just last night Dad made a "Student Driver" computer print out to put on our cars for her safety. Of course, she resented the idea, not just because of the way it would look but also because she doesn't want people to know she is in fact a "rookie in training". But you know what, "student driver" really isn't cool. "Rookie Driver" is. Your product makes it 'MORE ACCEPTABLE, MORE APPEALING, AND COOLER" to my teenager.
 I have 3 other younger kids, so the removable, reusable feature of the product will save money down the line. As a matter of fact, I now think it is a good fundraiser item. My child is a Sports Club Player, we promote to families and friends. Our club is looking for a fundraiser item! I will suggest this product to the club directors, because I believe that it is A NECESSITY among teenagers and makes us parents feel a little safer. 
-Anita P.
Virginia Beach, VA 

I ordered the magnet set for Rookie Driver and New Driver magnets. They have been attractive as well as functional. I sent your site to our driving school and recommended the wholesale program to them. They just started teaching at the high school my son attends.  Thanks again - I like doing business with family businesses. Thank you for your web site and the great service you are doing! 
-Allyse T.
Ijamsville, MD

My experience was wonderful. I received my stickers in a very short time and was overall happy with Rookie Driver.Net. I am so happy that someone out there thought as I did and created a wonderful idea that gives me a better feeling when my child is on the road.
-Deborah C. 
Upper Marlboro, MD 

I ordered one magnet and later decided I need more.  The magnets were shipped very quickly and are of good quality. I think they have great products that are necessary for beginning drivers. One day I didn't have the magnet on while my daughter was driving and the car behind her started honking (a lot) when she was hesitant to cross traffic. I told my daughter that this wouldn't have happened if we had the magnet on. I highly recommend this store.
-Mary H. 
Republic, MO

I would like to thank you for providing a product that my husband and I were looking for. We had wondered why someone had not come up with this idea. Then I was watching the news and there you were talking about your product, BRAVO!! Our fifteen year old son has just completed his phase one drivers education and is now doing his drive time with us. I would be more than happy for you to use my comments; I truly believe your products will save lives. I will also pass the word about your products to those I know who have driving age kids. Thanks! 
--Caroline G.
Grand Rapids, MI 

I JUST SAW YOU ON THE NBC TV8 NEWS. I came up with a similar idea! Yours is much nicer! THANK YOU FOR TAKING it a step further and marketing it. I placed an order for a Rookie Driver magnet 3-Pack. I've broadcast your site to everyone I know.
--Molly B.
Kalamazoo, MI 

I have to tell you that my order for the Rookie Driver magnets is not for a teen driver - it’s for me. After not driving for years and years, I recently started up again after taking official Driver's Ed lessons . Now that I’m on the road with my husband – and getting honked at because I’m not going fast enough, etc. - your sign will be perfect for me. You wouldn’t believe how much traffic there is in Honolulu; even on an island like Oahu, everyone is in a hurry. :-)
Honolulu, HI

My husband and I run a driving school. We recently were showed the article that ran in the Detroit Free Press about your company. What a terrific idea. We have parents, some joking, some serious, who ask us all the time about using our "cheesehead", the yellow triangle marker on the top of the car. Driving with a student driver can be very nerve wracking for parents. I wanted to let you know that we copied the newspaper article and handed it out at our parent meeting for our next class. If it is alright with you, we would like to continue handing out the information so that parents can consider ordering the magnetic signs for their vehicles.
--Hans and Kaye
Iron Mountain, MI

You may be interested to know, that one night, the police stopped us, to say that our lights were not on. My son was nervous. I was surprised that we did not get a ticket, and expect that it was due to the "Rookie Driver" magnet. Thank-you for providing the Rookie Driver magnets.
--Mike D.
Lake Orion, MI

Very good service and completely satisfied with the product. 
-Inna G. 
Columbia, MD

They promised quick delivery and I received the product in 2 days. 
-Susan E. 
Howell, MI

One of the best ways to help keep new teen drivers safe is by giving them a way to be identified as new drivers by others on the road. It has been a long standing tradition in Europe to identify cars being driven by "Learners" with a very easy to identify "L" sticker. By alerting other drivers on the road of the new drivers, experienced drivers can give them more room, be more cautious and a little more understanding when minor courtesy mistakes are made.

Rookie Driver is bringing the awareness to the US, using a fun, teen accepted, car magnet that says Rookie Driver. After all, being "Rookie of the Year" is cool in sports, and to teens Rookie Driver is more acceptable than Student Driver or other terms.
~ Char - author & mom

"My son is a 'RookieDriver' and he thinks your placards are the best thing because they look good and they keep other drivers at a safe distance. Thanks again for making a wonderful product!!" 
--Tracy S.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

My name is Catriona I am a 27 year old learner driver from Victoria, Australia. When we receive our graduated license we must display L plates at the front and back of our vehicle. The L plates are a black L on a yellow background and very daggy. The stickers you have designed are much cooler. I wish we had ones like them.. great work. 
~ Catriona – Victoria, Austrailia 

I really love the magnetic signs. I think the idea of the signs is so great we leave them on our white H3 Hummer all the time. I have had several people ask about the signs and comment on what a great idea they are. I will have my daughter use these signs until long after she gets her license.
Thanks for your great idea.
~ Linda G – Maryland

While our son didn't like the idea at first, we told him he couldn't drive with us (and test out his new permit) without putting the three magnets on the car. I shared with him that with all the road rage out there I at least wanted people around us to know that there is a new driver behind the wheel of our vehicle, and they should just stay far away from us! Three magnets are great - one for each side of the van and one in the back. Our son knows that he needs to use the magnets, and does so without fail.
We've had comments from neighbors and friends who say they have seen the magnets on our van, and thought it was a really great idea. The magnets give others around us the opportunity to know to be more patient with our vehicle and our new driver. Thanks for a nice product that keeps our new drivers a little safer!
~ Tracey R. - Illinois

I’m a driving school instructor and we have tried to sell the “Student Driver” bumper stickers and magnets to each class. The parents love the idea but the kids don't like them. The first time I offered your Rookie Driver™ products, more people in the class were interested in them! The parents feel better when others know their teen is just learning and the teens like the look of the Rookie Driver™ symbol.
~ David - Colorado