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Student Driver with Parent
Inexperience Is The Leading Cause Of Over 1 MILLION Teen Driver Crashes Every Year
"Since 2006 Rookie Driver Has Provided The #1 Most Recognized New Driver Signs In All 50 States"
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Leave Nothing To Chance

 FACE IT - Our nation’s roads are overcrowded with aggressive drivers who DON’T HAVE ANY WAY OF KNOWING 
 that your inexperienced student driver is a New Driver – unless YOU Alert them with recognized safety driving tools

The most overlooked component in improving teen driver safety, while driving with a parent, is a standardized symbol recognizing a new drivers’ car.   An ‘unmarked’ vehicle increases the likelihood of crashes.  Experienced drivers need to quickly recognize there is a student driver behind the wheel in order to anticipate new driver mistakes. 

Young Drivers 3 Most Shocking Car Accident Statistics 

    1) 15 and 16 year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age 
    2) New teen drivers have crash rates FIVE times higher than 18 year-old drivers
    3) Young Drivers have a 3 in 10 chance of a serious traffic accident in Their First Year, while Learning How to Drive 

Check Out Our Great Driving Tips For Parents Of New Drivers 
 The Average Drivers Education Classes Provide New Teen Drivers With ONLY 6 HOURS of
 'Behind The Wheel' Training and Driving Lessons …..

Then YOU are personally in charge of their 'real-life' On-The-Road Parent Taught Drivers Ed 
while on their Learning Permit.  Student Driver Signs | New Driver Signs can HELP!
  Rookie Driver® is the ONLY Registered Trademark Symbol by the U.S. Trademark Office to Nationally Recognize New Teen Drivers.

  PARENTS AGREE - Thousands of Parents Nationwide, and Growing, use the Rookie Driver® Symbol
  to Help Alert Other Drivers of their Teen’s New Driver Status.

 Now YOU can help protect your inexperienced teenager while they are developing 
 their new driving skills. 

 YOU can provide a safer learning environment by alerting other motorists that 
 your teen driver is behind the wheel.
        PARENTS:       ALERT Other Drivers That Your Teen Is                                        Driving With You On Their 'Learners Permit'
New Driver Sign
Rookie Driver Sign
Magnets Or Stickers
Student Driver Signs | New Driver Signs Make the Road a SAFER Place to Learn

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